Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cooking on the Road

With cooking demos in different cities, I've been traveling with almost every pot and pan I own. I seem to keep packing and unpacking spoons, bowls, and all my favorite tools that I will not cook without. I joined a large group of women at Lake Oconee, Georgia, for a Girls' Night Out complete with martinis for everyone. I had a delightful time and couldn't have asked for prettier scenery.
The United Methodist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia, invited me for a Ladies' Night Out. The event was "Christmas in July" and I ate more than my fair share of the impressive desserts they prepared. The Cream Cheese Brownies (from Beth Patrick) may be the best thing I've tasted in a while. I swear I must have eaten five of them before I went on stage.
The best part of my job is meeting new people. There is always an instant connection when two cooks meet for the first time.

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