Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rekindled Love Affair

Just like the recovery after the loss of a great love, I’ve spent nearly a year missing something that is as much a part of my life as oxygen and water. At the sudden end of a passionate love affair, there is a yearning and a heart breaking that can only be felt, not described. When the heart is broken beyond repair, the body physically hurts, as if almost to compensate for an unseen emotional wound. If you’ve ever known and lost love this strong, you feel my pain.

The love I’ve been withdrawing from for nine months was joyously rekindled on Friday night at 7:23. It’s as if we never were apart. No, it’s not a man or a best friend that I’ve been missing. It’s simply, and most powerfully, wine. Wine is a part of my business, my leisure, and a major factor in my sanity. From the moment I learned I was pregnant with my second child, there was never a doubt that this integral part of who I am had to be put on a hiatus until the baby arrived. As it should be, for the entirety of my pregnancy, not one drop of alcohol touched my lips.

On some nights, I felt like a chef without a spoon. I spent much of my time at dinners with my husband sniffing his wine while practically tasting the winemaker’s genius as I inhaled. I even taught a few wine pairing classes while I sadly sipped on sparkling water. Even at a much-awaited celebratory dinner, I raised my glass full of lemonade and toasted to my new business endeavor.

With our sweet and perfect baby now at home, I pour from my favorite bottle with the zeal and zest of a child in a toy store. I’ve been waiting, for what seemed like an eternity, for this lover of mine to return. After all, isn’t a love lost and found far stronger than one that was here all along?


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your baby boy... and on your reunion with wine :)

Sheila said...

Oh! Rebecca, I LOVE sweet and so true. I think if I became pregnant I might seriously cry at the loss of my friend...the wine!

mamamagnolia said...

So glad I came across your blog. I have your first book and use it often. I have also bought it as a gift on several occassions. I'm excited to catch up on your articles. Look forward to readying more on your blog.

Tammy Marchant Hodges

Rebecca Lang said...

Thanks Tammy! It's great to hear from you. Friend me on FB - I can't find you on there.
I'd love to hear more from you.

Catherine said...

I remember reading this post months ago, and wanted to tell you that I am now pregnant...and am counting the days until January 7 (or thereabouts) when I can sip again. I never knew how much I loved the taste of merlot or a beer with a hamburger...until now.

Rebecca Lang said...

Congratulations! You never know how much you can love until you meet that new little person.
I'll be thinking about you (and I'll have a glass for you) and hoping you feel wonderful the whole time.
Thanks for the update!