Friday, July 22, 2011

16 Tips for Proper Grocery Store Etiquette

I believe the two groups that frequent the grocery store the most are those that work in food and women with children. That leaves me in both groups and nearly qualified to receive mail at my local store. Shopping for groceries can be a relaxing, therapeutic experience when all goes well and nothing short of maddening when it doesn’t. If only all shoppers brushed up on their manners before filling up their carts, grocery shopping would be more enjoyable for all of us.

The amazing (and pillar of politeness) Central Market in Dallas, TX

1.  If you want to pass in front of another shopper while she is looking for an item, saying, “excuse me,” is absolutely necessary.
2.  Do not wander the store talking to friends using a cell phone earpiece. Every other shopper thinks you’re talking to her. No one is so important that they can’t make it through the store without communicating with the outside.
3.  When a mother is desperately trying to calm her crying baby, please be extra sweet to her. I promise, she wants the child to calm down just as much as you do.
4.  Control your children in the store. Running kids and moving carts do not go together.
5.  If a woman is shopping with more than one child, be overly courteous. Until you’ve shopped with small children, you don’t understand how much easier it is to buy groceries alone.
6.  Look before pulling out at the end of the aisle. It’s a crash waiting to happen.

7. Do not choose produce and then snack on it as you shop. When you're paying by weight, that's stealing.
8.  Do not begin unloading your cart on the conveyor belt until the person in front of you has completely emptied her cart.
9.  If someone is behind you in line with one or two items, be kind and let them in front of you.
10.  Do not write a check. If you don’t use credit cards, get cash out of the bank. Others behind you would like to check out in a timely manner.
11.  Clip all coupons at home. During check out is not the time to organize, clip, or choose coupons.
12.  For those with massive three ring binders of coupons that impressively turn saving money into a job (whom I have the utmost respect for), please tell those behind you in line that they may want to choose another line. It’s going to be a while.
13.  While in your car, give the right of way to those walking in and out of the store. It’s easy. Just stop your car and wait for shoppers to pass.
14.  As in any other parking lot, turn on your blinker when aiming for a spot. If you see a car waiting with a blinker flashing, that spot is taken.
15.  Put your cart in the designated place in the parking lot. I don’t want to go home with a ding in my door and neither do you.
16.  Offer to take another’s cart in as you pass by in the parking lot.


Virginia Willis said...

I pretty much consider myself a professional grocery shopper as much as a chef. That, and shopping bag carrier. My other tip is to ask the clerk or the stock person if you can ask them a question, before you actually ask them the question - like, "where's the XYZ." I think it shows them courtesy and respect. It's asking them if you can interrupt what they are doing.
Love this. Thanks for sharing. VA

Joberta said...

I never carry cash and always write checks. I fill out my check before I unload my cart and I always have my check filled out except for the amount by the time the checker gives me the total. Many stores are now filling out the checks for you so there's not waiting time.

Another hint: Quit lollygagging with your friends so that you are blocking the aisles.

MadameQueen said...

Amen! And thank you for writing this. I would also add to please be aware of your surroundings. If you sense that someone is waiting for you to move so they can get by, go ahead and move your cart just a teeny bit so that they CAN get by.

Anonymous said...

Choose your item before you open the freezer/refrigerator door-when you leave them open for a long time, they fog up and no one can see through them for quite a while. It's also a waste of energy!

Rebecca Lang said...

I love all these suggestions! I'm sure we could create a list a mile long.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!!!! I woul like to add one. Please do not leave your empty cart right behind some poor person's vehicle in the parking lot! That is just so rude! They are going to have to move it because you were too lazy to put it where it belongs. Hint to those that do...treat others the way you want to be treated.