Monday, December 15, 2008

Lesson Learned

I learned a lesson over Thanksgiving, and no, it wasn't about turkey. You've heard it before, always pick up a pan as if it's hot. While not thinking, I managed to grab the handle of a cast iron skillet that was at least 350 degrees.
I can easily say it was the worst injury I have had in the kitchen. My right hand was essentially rendered useless for several days and that meant no cooking for me. (Thankfully my family chipped in and made all my recipes beautifully.)
I learned my lesson well - keep an oven mitt close by at all times.

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Catherine said...

Ouch! Years ago, my family had a cook who could reach in the oven and pull out a cast iron cornbread pan with her bare hands. Even though I know the story's true, it's still hard to believe. Hope you're recovering quickly!